PCHS Books Build up your history library with books from the Placer County Historical Society. Current offerings: Auburn Images (2018 revised edition)    Auburn Dry Diggings and Water: Rivers, Ravines, Ditches, Springs, Wells, and Waste by John Knox Auburn's Landmarks and Monuments History of Placer and Nevada Counties (1924) by Lardner and Brock History of Placer County (1882) Thompson and West Infamous Crimes and Criminals (2020 revised edition) Notable and Interesting Women of Placer County Vol. 1  Notable and Interesting Women of Placer County Vol. 2  Placer County Courthouse (2020 revised edition) Placer County Directory of (1861) Roadhouses in Placer County (2020 revised edition) Samuel Holladay’s 1849 Journey The Story of the Bernhard Family by John Knox and Carol Cramer     Where to find/buy in Auburn: 360° of Auburn - 852 Lincoln Way  (530) 613-9029 Placer County Visitor Center - 1103 High Street  (530) 887-2111 Serendipity in the heart of Old Town - 135 Sacramento St.  (530) 885-1252 Winston Smith Books - 933 Lincoln Way; also has a wide selection of other California historical books.  (530) 823-5940. Order Form:  Book Order Form.pdf