A New Marker is Back! A festive ceremony was held April 11, 2014 celebrating the installation of a new bronze plaque for State Registered Landmark NO. 463. Click here to see a YouTube video of the celebration. The ceremony featured the entire Ophir School student body, the Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and so much more. Play the video. Brought to you by the joint efforts of Ophir Area Property Owners Association, E ClampusVitus, Chapter 3, the Placer County Historical Society and Ophir principal Mary Zuan. Taking a biblical name, Ophir quickly became a center of quartz mining, the county's most populous city and nearly became the County seat. Many still regard it as the place at the end of the Rainbow.
Shown here is a photo of the original plaque. To the right is a photo taken after the plaque was stolen.