Millers Defeat Millers Defeat Millers Defeat
Original marker installed in 1999.
Monument lost and found   Most of you who traveled with Gene Markley know that, in coordination with the Forest Service, he set up several monuments, nine in all, commemorating places, events, and people...   In 1999 a monument was installed at an obscure mining camp known as Miller’s Defeat. The monument was susequently vandalized but the plaque was later found in the Forest Service warehouse. Nolan Smith, the Forest Service archaeologist and Tom Birch discovered it. Tom refurbished it for re- installation.   On Saturday October 24, 2015 several volunteers did the digging and cement work to reinstall the monument. Nolan Smith was present to oversee the new installation.   Upon completion of the work a traditional Markley toast was made with Aquavit and beer. On June 21, 2016 a final re-dedication ceremony was held.