PCHS Books: Where to buy A good place to start building up your history library is with books from the Placer County Historical Society and the Placer Historical Foundation. Current offerings: Auburn: A Century of Memorie Auburn Images Placer County Directory of 1861 Distant Voices, Different Drums Infamous Crimes History of Placer and Nevada Counties (1924) by Lardner and Brock Placer Nuggets The Placer County Courthouse History of Placer County (1882) Thompson and West History of Placer County Thompson and West index Gold and Schemes by Bill Wilson Auburn Chronology Vol. I and II The Foundations of Placer County Horticulture 1850-1900 by Samuel Evans Gittings (reissued with new cover)* Samuel Holladay's Adventures in the Gold Fields of California and the Naming of  Auburn * Where to find: 1. Serendipity in the heart of Old Town, 135 Sacramento St. (530) 885-1252 2. Winston Smith Books, nearby at 933 Lincoln Way, also has a wide selection of other California historical books. (530) 823-5940. * Newly added to retail inventory